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Own stocks? Help convince companies that going green is a good idea.


It's easy to feel like big corporations control the fate of the world. But the truth is, those companies are owned and controlled by shareholders -- regular people like us -- and shareholders can determine how companies help or hurt causes like protecting our environment. 

Many environmental resolutions are up for vote this year. If you own shares in a company and care about our environment, it's important to make your voice heard and vote your proxy ballots when you can.

For example, with the support of 27 percent of their shareholders, American Electric Power created a committee solely focused on climate change and the economic risks of greenhouse gas emissions. Because their shareholders spoke up, this company is now mindful of their interactions with natural resources, and a corporation is helping to protect the environment.

You too can make a big difference for causes you care about. Vote your proxy ballots for the environment on Moxy Vote.

I want to make a big difference for causes I care about. I want to vote my shares for good environmental stewardship on Moxy Vote. Sign me up for a Moxy Vote profile so I can flex my shareholder muscle.


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