Open Owasso Public Schools

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We live in the United States of America. We have the right to CHOOSE what is best for our children, their education & their future. 

We DO NOT ACCEPT what has been FORCED upon us.

OPS initially gave parents the choice on how to best provide an education for their children. We chose to acknowledge any risk, to take daily precautions, and send our children to school. Kids/teens thrive in school and classroom settings. They work harder, learn more and thrive off the push of their peers, teachers and support staff that surround them.

You can rebrand distance learning as "Pivot-to-Home", but it does not work.  Children are not remote employees.  They do not have the capacity mentally, emotionally, or developmentally to remain isolated without impacts to their health and wellbeing.

By signing this you agree with opening the classrooms. For the future of our children. For their education and all the future leaders of America. We choose to be leaders and a voice for our kids. We are a voice for our tax dollars. We choose to stand together and demand our school classrooms open with social distancing restrictions in place.