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Remove the pitbull ban in Overland Park, KS

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We wish to remove the ban on pitbulls in the city of Overland Park. Pitbulls have a bad reputation by no fault of their own. They are not dangerous animals and actually make great family pets. It is not fair to discriminate against a specific breed. Many people would love to enjoy living in the city of Overland Park but cannot due to part of their family being a pitbull or bully breed. A dog should be judged on its demeanor and behavior rather than just appearance and breed. By lifting this breed, more dogs will be able to be rescued from shelters, because our community would be able to take in these sweet animals, therefore helping shelters to save more lives and find more forever homes. I have three pitbulls myself and since I moved back home to Overland Park I had to temporarily rehome my babies because they aren't allowed here and it has been very devastating. A lot of the ones judging the breed have not even had a first hand interaction with a pitbull and I would love if everyone could see how great they are and how them being allowed in our community would not be a bad or scary thing. Please help me in signing this petition to not only help my babies come home, but to help the others who had to rehome part of their family due to this law, and help our shelters adopt out more dogs every day. 

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