PAYDAY 2 Black Market and Weapon Balance update problems and how you should solve them.

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Hi, my name is Dawid and I have over 1000 hours into PAYDAY 2. Here's my constructive opinion about newest update and what should've been done better. "Vote for me, get a gurn for free", "Vote for change" McKendrick

I have no problem with skins but how you introduced it to the game is wrong Overkill. Skins don't change stats, they should never do that if they're paid items (even Valve doesn't think that way, the guys that milk so much money on people buying useless stuff, including me in some extend)! We were promised 10 days of free updates and we get microtransactions, hell.

EDIT: Lua, It's broken. They admitted it. Now we wait untill it's fixed.

Now weapon balance... you did it all wrong. Weapons were kinda balanced, only few weapons were simply 100% useless and I'm meaning weapons like JP36, Predator 44, Rattlesnake, M308, Street Sweeper, etc. You should've just buffed those weapons, not buff all weapons. You've basically made this mini guns called pistols go-to weapons that don't need skills and are still better than other guns with skills. I'm actually type of guy that used pretty much most of weapons except for CAR-4 and Loco (I don't have anything against loco but fire rate on Car-4 killed it for me, I prefer Clarion AKA Famas). And I was pretty good at the game, I finished Hox Breakout DW in 2men and I had build for a poisoned bow and RPG. The game was easy as it was if you knew how mechanics worked, now you just made it easier and less balanced. 

Now what I belive you should do is: remove stat modifier from skins and in next safe add some cool community skins (that's another thing: you've added tons of crap - even free mods have better skins). Ofc people who'll make skins that'll get to next safe should get a cut from keys to this case.. I'm sorry, SAFE AND DRILLS. As I said I have nothing against skins, that's gonna be a cool addition to PAYDAY 2 as long as they don't change stats. Second thing with skins - weekly side jobs should have 30% chance or so to drop you a skin of any quality beside highest one and legendary. The more rare skins the less chance it's gonna be it. But first before you introduce that make side jobs something better because as of right now they're flat and boring, mostly achievements or kill X of that. The % chance is hard to figure out. If it's gonna be too high the skins will drop in price hard. If it's too low it won't be fine for us, in CS:GO we have 100% chance to drop a skin weekly and that's it, sure it's mostly 4 cent skins unless you have operation but it's still something. Which also makes skins more managable to buy them in CS:GO, at least cheap ones.

For the lua mods well.. Just fix it

And for weapon balance you should return us old weapon stats and buff the totally useless weapons like JP36, Rattlesnake, M308, Street Sweeper and some other guns (totally useless=there's gun surpasing it with every stat). For AMCAR and chimano 88 you do what you wanna do, starter guns can stay as bad weapons but my opinion would be that they should be as bad as old times without mods and on par with other guns fully moded so new players won't have OP weapon at start but they can stick to eg. AMCAR if they like the model of it. For melee balance I have no idea, just change it back to normal. If you find a lot of feedback that some melee isn't good enough and tips on how to buff it ask community what they think and release changes as beta first. It's ridiculous, money bundle does same dmg as weapon butt or KNIVES.

Now stop drinking that Russian vodka with Vlad and take control over chaos, fix stuff, apologize and it's gonna be JHUST FINEEE. Btw I'd like to hear you stance on Goonmod weapon customization now.

Thanks for hearing me out, have a nice day and please calm down. PS:

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