Over Turn Landon Johnson’s Conviction

Over Turn Landon Johnson’s Conviction

March 3, 2022
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Started by Miua Qui

Over Turn Landon Johnson’s Sentence

We need your help to help assist Landon’s sentence.  We are trying to get a re-trial for his case.  Please use your signature to help overturn Landon’s sentence.

 He served time for his priors. He should not be trialed again for old cases.  He was trialed in less than 24 hours for his current case. He was sentenced with a maximum of 45 years in prison. The time that he was sentenced is too excessive and not fair.  

I believe Harris County (Houston,TX)  and the AssistantDA rushed his case due to an upcoming election which was held on March 1, 2022.  

We need your help to assist him getting trialed FAIRLY.

Harris County will not make an example of Landon JOHNSON, in making a quick election sentence!

He should be allowed a FAIR TRIAL !

* Please NOTE:  He did not murder no one *

A few words from Landon: You can either stand up and be counted or lie down and be counted out- MAGGIE L. WALKER

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Assistant DA Traci Gibson- lack of evidence, proven deception from star witness no attempt made to correct the perjury, personal vendetta after personal encounter with Landon (my opinionated statement), while gloating issued statements to the public filled with false allegations, and unethical behavior during the entire trial and sentencing

DA- George Lindsey

Presiding Judge  A. Regan Clark- sit in for the trial 


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Signatures: 602Next Goal: 1,000
Support now