Outlaw cat declawing in Michigan , USA

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Very cruel actually. Amputation. Painful. Illegal already in 28 countries, including , Brazil,  Australia,  New Zealand , and Israel. It 's better to just trim the nails with a small clipper , like on people and dogs. It's mutilation , down to the knuckle bone. They can't use their rope or cardboard scratching posts, etc. , as well.  

Cats are more important than people's furniture.  

It's easy to learn how to trim their claws and  to give cats  a scratching post , maybe with catnip . 


It can develop into  painful bone protrusions ,  etc.


  It makes it harder for them to walk , use their litter box, they can bite more often , and they can end up more often in kill shelters, etc. It could give a shorter life span.  It breaks the Hippocratic Oath -First Do No Harm .  Some vet students have passed out at seeing this surgery.

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Already  illegal in  Santa Monica, San Francisco , and 6 other California cities , Norfolk,  Virginia , and Denver .

Especially with the back claws too, (all 4 paws),  is the most cruel, then they can't even scratch their ears.