Demand OUTFRONT Media show “Black Businesses Matter” is not just an advertising slogan!!!!

Demand OUTFRONT Media show “Black Businesses Matter” is not just an advertising slogan!!!!

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An article was published online last week that tells the story of an African migrant that has been stonewalled by Outfront Media from purchasing advertising space in his local community. The goal of this petition is to ensure a philanthropic minority business owner is able to secure advertising that has already been negotiated to continue growing his business. Please support the cause. 

Below is the text from the article***********************************

This year our nation has seen an uprising of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, creating awareness of the systemic racial discrimination that is regularly practiced in our country. A small number of people have reacted violently, but significantly more people and organizations have stood up in positive ways. OUTFRONT Media was seemingly one such company with its press release on June 11, 2020, announcing their program to provide small businesses with no to low cost billboard space was being expanded “to include an emphasis on African American run businesses, with the headline “Black Businesses Matter.”” The company has continued promoting this marketing campaign into August for Black Business Month. 

EMPAK Corp is a small business in Newark, NJ that is owned by an African immigrant, Dominic Tamin, who actively supports his local community. In June this year Tamin says he hired a consulting company owned by a white woman to build a marketing campaign promoting the variety of services EMPAK Corp offers. The largest portion of the marketing campaign was to include billboard advertisements in the Newark area where OUTFRONT Media has an observed monopoly. Email correspondence shows Tamin’s consultant was able to work with an account executive from OUTFRONT Media to secure an agreement that, based on Tamin’s previous experience with OUTFRONT Media, exceeded Tamin’s expectations. 

The details of the signed agreement were to rent 50 junior billboards for 12 weeks at a price of $75 for each 4-week period and a print cost of $45 per junior billboard. The agreement reportedly came unraveled when, through the normal course of business, OUTFRONT Media’s account executive learned that Tamin was involved. Communications show that the account executive began to require 100% payment upfront versus the monthly invoice process that is in OUTFRONT Media’s advertising agreement. Tamin’s consultant says she called the account executive to understand why the payment terms were changing and was told by the account executive that he has a personal issue with Tamin, he made other derogatory statements of Tamin, expressed exasperation that “his picture (that of Tamin, an African migrant) is going to be all over the place,” and that “it is obvious what he (Tamin) is doing here” sharing a disparaging assumption that Tamin was subletting billboards to someone else for a higher price than “what he (Tamin) is paying now.” Those who work in advocacy recognize this last statement as commonplace racial profiling; while the concern of Tamin’s picture being “all over the place” causes concern even to those unfamiliar with systemic racism. 

Documentation shows that Tamin was a client of OUTFRONT Media from 2013 to 2018. An email from OUTFRONT Media’s credit department indicates that Tamin has a payment account that is in good standing. Tamin’s consultant has no prior history with OUTFRONT Media and says that prior to OUTFRONT Media learning of Tamin’s involvement, she was not subjected to any vetting or approval process. Yet, emails show that once the representation of Tamin became clear to the account executive, he and multiple managers at OUTFRONT Media started subjecting Tamin’s consultant to “corporate (approval) policies” and made decisions to impose penalties on her with the intent of those penalties being passed along to Tamin.

This series of events created a perception with Tamin and his consultant that OUTFRONT Media was discriminating due to the color of Tamin’s skin. Emails show that Tamin and his consultant expressed concerns about racial discrimination to multiple levels of OUTFRONT Media’s management multiple times, including three received by the current CEO. Email correspondence further shows that after sharing the concerns of racial discrimination, multiple managers made further changes to the agreement which would cause the cost of Tamin’s advertising to increase by 34-67% per week and reduce the amount of time Tamin could advertise by 67%. 

During this time of racial reckoning and an ongoing pandemic, we would think things like this would be handled with more care, less ambivalence and recklessness. At this point, it appears to this reporter that OUTFRONT Media is blatantly practicing systemic racial discrimination. An account executive said he has a personal issue with a minority customer whose “picture will be all over the place”, that account executive has taken action to restrict business with the minority customer and received systemic support from multiple levels of his management. It is ridiculous that OUTFRONT Media was willing to offer certain contract terms to a white woman but quickly reversed that decision when learning that a black man was involved. Whether OUTFRONT Media was discriminating against Tamin or discriminating for Tamin’s white consultant, if OUTFRONT Media was willing to provide certain contract terms to one customer they need to be willing to provide those same terms to every customer, regardless of personal feelings.

Emails show that Tamin’s consultant attempted to resolve this concern on eight different paths with OUTFRONT Media. The last emails from OUTFRONT Media’s management to Tamin’s consultant said that “we have reached an impasse” and “wish you well.” Representatives of OUTFRONT Media did not respond to requests for comment on this story. In the eyes of OUTFRONT Media, do small black businesses really matter or is it just a catch phrase for marketing purposes to sell more billboards or garner goodwill with politicians?


Background on Dominic Tamin:

From the humble background of growing up on a palm oil plantation in the southwest of Cameroon to becoming EMPAK Corp’s CEO, it has been one amazing journey for Dominic Tamin. As a graduate from Orange High School, Tamin always dreamed of making money and being successful so that he could build a better community and secure a legacy for his children. However due to academic struggles, it was going to be a challenge. With low academic achievement, it was his soccer skills and an equal opportunity program that allowed him to gain admission to Kean University. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Computing, Mathematics, and Statistics, Tamin began giving back by teaching mathematics to high school students. He is extremely passionate about influencing positive change throughout the community and the world as a whole. Over the years, Tamin has donated more than $50,000 to support non-profit and other charitable organizations. During the pandemic this year, he has donated 3,000 masks to support his local community.

This petition was created by the consultant Tamin hired to secure the advertising on his behalf.

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