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Boycott Stan Kroenke's trophy hunting channel in UK. Stop the broadcasting of inhumanity

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Stan Kroenke, a sports mogul, owns Arsenal FC, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (trophy hunting) and Outdoor Sportsman Group including My Outdoor TV (MOTV) which films and broadcasts trophy hunting.

A 7.5 billion dollar fortune isn't enough for Stan Kroenke. Over the weekend they launched the television channel in the UK. This channel promotes, glorifies and encourages the hunting, distressing and killing of animals, often endangered and at risk of extinction. The channel shows the barbaric acts of the super wealthy, stalk, hunt and murder innocent species within their natural habitat. Resulting in long drawn-out, distressing, frightening and painful deaths for the animals in order for them to pose for pictures with the bleeding out, suffering, dying 'trophy'

The channel is already active within the USA, but the United Kingdom do not tolerate gun or knife carrying, let alone gun or knife crime. We do not want this channel promoted on our screens, broadcast on our televisions nor advertised at family events like it was at the Game Fair at the weekend. We do not want the acts of 'trophy hunting' to be normalised. We do not want children and adults believing it's acceptable to carry weapons and kill animals for fun. 

We do not desire to see murder and we do not wish to praise or boost this horrendous industry that is otherwise branded an illegal crime if it were done by poachers instead of the financial elite. Staff at MOTV admitted that "some shows are hardcore and some language may not be suitable for children". Despite these comments there is no parental advisory or warnings for this before purchasing the channel or app.

Boycott this channel and completely eradicate it from our media outlets. We are a civilised nation who desires to move forward in humane conservation not backwards to extinction.

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