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HUHA and NZAVS are calling on the Government to please ensure all animals in New Zealand laboratories are rehomed instead of killed when they are no longer being used.

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Every year in New Zealand, thousands of laboratory animals are killed when they are deemed no longer useful.

Animals are used every day in New Zealand laboratories where they are seen as no more than just another piece of equipment. When they are no longer useful they are usually disposed of with little more consideration than is given to a pair of rubber gloves. They deserve much better.

A sentient being has the ability to feel pain and suffering and has an awareness of sensations and emotions.  To subject animals to pain and suffering is bad enough, but to deny them the chance of a life after the pain and suffering?

We are asking that the government introduce a mandatory rehoming policy for animals used in research, testing and teaching — ensuring these animals are offered up for public adoption through registered rescue organisations instead of being euthanised.

HUHA has already rescued and rehomed beagles being bred for research after the VARC laboratory closed. This though is just the tip of the iceberg of what could be done. The animals still in labs need hope and a chance to get out of the labs and into loving homes.

The only way this will happen is if the labs are compelled to release them. They won’t do it on their own as they prefer to operate out of public sight, so that’s where you come in to it...

Together we can change that and save lives.


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