Save Vermont Restaurants

Save Vermont Restaurants

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Vermont Restaurant Coalition started this petition to Our Vermont Community

To our fellow Vermonters -

We stand together as an industry, with the deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of our neighbors who have been bravely working on the front-lines to keep our community safe.  We stand together with our government officials who have been dedicated to ensuring the safety of our families, friends, and fellow Vermonters during this global health crisis. 

Today, the restaurant industry is asking our fellow Vermonters and government officials to stand together “with” us, your local, independent, Vermont restaurants. We are here to let you know that the Vermont Restaurant Industry is in crisis and we need your support. Without easily accessible direct aid many restaurants will close permanently.

Time is of the essence, significant numbers of restaurants are in danger of closing:

Current Federal Aid Packages Have Fallen Short:

Many deserving businesses are successfully utilizing the Federal CARES Act programs - but the duration of state and municipal closures/limits on operations has prevented our restaurant industry from using this lifeline. With insurance companies denying our "business interruption" claims, coupled with the inability to secure money through traditional channels, restaurants are unable to finance the re-opening of our businesses.  Without local, state, and federal assistance, restaurants will most certainly fail. 

Why Save Vermont Restaurants?

  • Restaurants contribute to the cultural vitality of Vermont as local gathering places and destinations for tourists. 
  • Restaurants are a significant supporter of critical Vermont sectors such as agriculture, lodging, beverage producers, and tourism. 
  • Restaurants provide 6-7% of all jobs in Vermont; 20,000+ total; in addition to supporting employment in other partner sectors.  
  • Restaurants are a primary contributor in annual hospitality sector sales of $1.34B.
  • Restaurants are a tax revenue generator, with Rooms & Meals Tax collections $123M, approximately $75M from restaurants.

Please Sign This Petition, and Help Us #SAVERESTAURANTS

We are calling on our State Government to provide immediate emergency grant funding so that Vermont restaurants are not at risk of permanent closure and continue to provide support for our industry through this crisis. 

We are calling on our Federal Government to correct current relief programs to allow restaurants to access Federal Aid AND create an industry-specific stabilization package as proposed by the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) to save our Independent restaurants. 

We are calling on our friends and neighbors to stand with us by signing this petition. Help us keep our vibrant food culture alive in Vermont. Let our community know what independent restaurants mean to you by signing this petition and sharing a note. 

Please help #saverestaurants #dont86us

(ps: when you sign on to the petition you will be asked to "donate" please note that those funds are to support the work of to host and promote this petition and are not directly related to financing our coalition. Please do SHARE this petition with your community). 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!