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When tickets go on sale, we loyal fans line up for the chance to see our favorite artists, sports teams, or events. We go online, pick up the phone or wait in line for hours to purchase tickets. But sometimes life gets in the way, and we can’t attend a highly anticipated show or the big game. If Ticketmaster and their allies have their way, we won’t be able to sell, donate, or even give away the tickets we bought and own.

No other industry operates this way in Massachusetts, because these restrictions violate some of our most fundamental consumer and property rights. There has to be a better way that doesn’t screw us fans. The Massachusetts legislature can help.

Several bills being considered this session would remove restrictions on the ticket industry, ensuring that:

1) Fans will always have a paper ticket they can give away, donate, or sell if they can’t make it to a show or game.

2) Fans will know how many tickets are going on sale, and how many are being kept away from the general public.

3) Fans will have full control of the property they purchase.

Ticketmaster and other industry allies are opposed to these efforts, because they want to protect their monopoly. It’s time to protect our rights as fans – write to the chairmen of the Committee on Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure and ask them to stand with fans, not industry insiders!

Letter to
Committee on Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure
I’m asking you to support SB 94, SB 160 and HB 260. These bills will create an open and fair ticket market in Massachusetts and protect the property rights of fans.

Ticketmaster and other industry insiders are continually monopolizing the ticket market and trying to prevent fans from making decisions about the tickets they have purchased. The company increasingly imposes restricted ticketing with major concerts, games, and events – making it virtually impossible for fans to giveaway, donate, or sell the tickets they have purchased.

These bills would ensure that fans can always get a paper ticket, that fans will always know how many tickets are on sale to the public, and that fans will have the right to donate, give away or sell their tickets for any reason, at any time.

Please support SB 94, SB 160 and HB 260 and stand with the loyal fans of Massachusetts

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