Our tax dollars = Our Canadian right to vote on where to spend it

Our tax dollars = Our Canadian right to vote on where to spend it

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Why this petition matters

Started by Shan Rasul

The Petition is asking all Canadians to

Join hands in a peaceful manner to take a stand and say NO to paying taxes.

Say YES to:

  • Supporting local communities 
  • Building and supporting local businesses

This is our Canadian Freedom and Right to ask for. i.e. the right to vote on where to spend our hard earned money. So we can build a mentally healthy and happy nation. We owe it to our future generations! 

Questions to ponder over

The lack of resources is becoming an escalating issue touching each one of us on a personal level. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them with utmost honesty:

  • Think about how it has effected you personally?
  • Are you reaping the benefits of the high tax dollars you pay?
  • Do you feel there is any transparency provided in terms of where you hard earned money is spent? 
  • Do you have a say in where your hard earned money is being spent?
  • Should you have the right and freedom to choose where your hard earned money should be spent?

The Current State of affairs has led to 

  • An over worked nation
  • Low wages
  • Salaries that do not match inflation hikes
  • Minimum support for community based programs for children, adults, seniors
  • More cuts in funding programs direly needed on a local level 
  • Pay hikes for government officials including the police
  • An oppressive system where your voice cannot be heard when it comes your basic rights and freedom

The Aftermath

This is taking a toll on our nation reflected in the escalating mental health issues in adults and children. An unhappy nation fixated on coffee and pot (the only two businesses that seem to be thriving).

My Story 

Why I refuse to pay my 2021 taxes. With a child with special needs, a wife on mental and physical disability. I got no relief or help. I could not even find a public school suitable for my son's needs. We drove our son 1000km every month to the best private school we could find that had resources to help him!

My family is now torn apart with a high conflict divorce case that has left me

  • A 6 year old autistic son, whose future looks bleak with high risks of suicidal tendencies and severe depression. As in the past 9 months  I have not been 'allowed' to see him on a regular basis. Each time I see him, he begs me to ask his mother for more time for us to spend together
  • Jobless with no government aid (unemployment insurance)
  • At the verge of declaring bankruptcy
  • Declining credit scores 
  • Humiliated and publicly shamed by racist & religious slurs of high profile individuals working in family law
  • Threated with more court fines and possibly jail
  • An oppressive system with no venue to raise concerns against denial of my human rights

Lack of funding examples. Look for ones in your own community 

Some examples of where lack of resources or rights being vehemently denied are hitting the hardest:

  1. Sadly First Nations Rights are still being denied
  2. Immigrants the most marginalized are the most ignored (we are all immigrants  except for first nations)
  3. Hospitals starting their own funding campaigns
  4. Nurses Demanding More Resources
  5. Construction Issues continue to plague us with zero accountability
  6. Child care not affordable for all

The Canadian Charter of Freedom and Rights

The Canadian Charter of Freedom and Rights gives Canadians, Permanents Residents and newcomers to Canada the freedom i.e. the power to act without anyone getting in the way.

(The above is from Joy Kita's book To be Canadian. Be Who You Want To Be: Freedom)

357 have signed. Let’s get to 500!