It’s time to start giving long sentences to those who kill their pets

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Jon-Luc McLoughlin Kicked his 11 month old puppy Alsatian to death before dumping the poor pups body in a woodland near his home. He kicked him so hard that the autopsy showed that the puppy had a laceration to his liver, blood in his abdomen and a tear to his stomach. Lexi (the puppy) would have trusted Jon-Luc McLoughlin as being his provider, his carer. He tried to blame the death on a road traffic collision but later confessed to the killing and blamed “being very angry” for his actions. “I don’t know what came over me” he said. It is likely the poor dog didn’t survive for long. 

Some local children found poor lexi and have Been left traumatised by the find. 

For too long people have been getting to light of a sentence for torturing animals. We are appealing to you to set an example of Jon-Luc McLoughlin In the hope that it deters others from carrying out such heinous and despicable crimes against animals and especially pets.