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We as a nation can no longer sit and watch these mass shooting. We can no longer experience this trauma, parents can no longer endure the pain of loosing a child , no friend can keep enduring the pain of loosing a friend, no adult can keep loosing their siblings, their friends, no kid can keep loosing their parents . All these tragic events have occurred in mass shootings. For example, The Las Vegas Shooting , killing 58 ,wounding 489 . The MSD (Marjory Stoneman Douglas) shooting killing 17, including students and teachers, 14 others wounded which hit extremely close to home for me. Sandy hook elementary, 28 killed also including students and teachers . Since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings, that’s is 200 school shootings in 6 years, doesn’t that say something to you. Something needs to happen and i’m choosing not to sit and watch in silence i’m choosing to take action along with the rest at Marjory Stoneman Douglas , and I hope many other schools and states that have gone through something like this are currently taking action to have some sort of gun control in the Nation we live in . So please , share this with your friends and sign this petition in hopes of gun control in the nation we live in. Let’s be the generation that puts an end to history repeating itself .

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