Our Green Belt is under threat!

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We all benefit in many ways from this exceptionally beautiful countryside south of Waverley Road and east of Blundel Lane - Green Belt Sub-Area 11 (GB46).  Elmbridge Borough Council has received plans for high density housing development which would transform the environment we all enjoy into an urban landscape.
To stop this from happening on the unspoilt farmland near our homes, we who have signed this petition are raising our concerns with Savills, who have proposed to build 160-180 homes there, and with Elmbridge Borough Council who are drafting a new Local Plan based on inaccurate evidence about Sub-Area 11.
Some of the reasons we believe strongly against developing this land (SA-11) include:
·      The unspoilt, rural character of this large, open Green Belt land with a stunning horizon is a treasured source of pleasure, leisure and exercise for us all. 
·      The many trees on this land and the land’s boundaries help to manage our neighbourhood’s air quality and flood risk, and contribute to the biodiversity of the site and our gardens. 
·       The large developments will have a huge toll on local services including schools, doctors, rail and greater traffic congestion.
·      As agricultural land, it is well managed and a source of income to the local farm who use it.

We call on Elmbridge Borough Council to correct the key factual errors about our Green Belt Sub-Area 11 in the published evidence reports from Ove Arup.  The strong, unspoilt rural character of this stunning farmland that prevents Oxshott and Stoke d’Abernon from merging must be duly recognised by correcting those errors.  This stunning open landscape that defines the semi-rural character of our neighbourhood will then be preserved.

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