Demand Accountability and Transparency for Anti-Bullying Policy at Ponchatoula Junior High

Demand Accountability and Transparency for Anti-Bullying Policy at Ponchatoula Junior High

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Why this petition matters

Started by heather Anthony

As recently as March 24, 2022, Tangipahoa Parish School System has put forward a “zero tolerance” policy to address the physical violence taking place inside our parish schools. Parents are concerned that this policy is not being implemented and utilized fairly. Our children go to school in fear of being bullied and harmed in many different ways and offenders are not facing accountability as outlined in the policies set forth by the Tangipahoa Parish School System. On April 5th my daughter was attacked by another student for what witnesses say was "No reason" and the school fails to address the situation.

Our children deserve better and those who are in positions to protect them are not doing their jobs.

  • Bullying can lead to serious physical and emotional ramifications; specifically, oftentimes the act of bullying results in the bully blaming the victim for the abuse or can also result in the victim-blaming him or herself for the abuse. The impacts can be deeply emotional and painful. 
  • 29 out of 29 children in grades 7th & 8th have reported having experienced multiple bullying/violence situations that were ignored by PJHS staff and administrators.
  • 376 parents have stood in support of the immediate need for change in our school system.
  • Students state that they have long been the “victim of bullying” at PJHS and that the bullying had been reported to various Ponchatoula Junior High teachers and administrators on average at least five separate times or more.
  • Ponchatoula Junior High School staff refuses to inform parents of details pertaining to the abuse of their child(ren) and how the school plans to address the incident. There is no accountability for staff and offenders and no transparency.
168 have signed. Let’s get to 200!