We need a new IN law that prevents murderers from changing their name. They are a threat

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We are petitioning to create a new law that felons cannot change their names in the state of Indiana. Our bright, funny, beautiful friend was taken way to soon in life. Jennifer Rose Johnson age 23, was stalked and strangled by her sick neighbor Jeramy Heavrin in 1994 in New Albany, IN. Jeramy Heavrin was stalking her, scaring her and after her sister had left one night he broke into her home and strangled her. He is telling the world it was an accident. He was sentenced to 60 yrs and only served 21. He is claiming he cannot keep a job due to keeping his name and having this felony. He should have thought about that prior to stalking and killing our sweet beautiful Jen. The new law would prevent anyone including him who has committed murder from changing their name. This horrific crime cannot be undone, it cannot be reduced and not anyone in the of the family can run from it. He should not be capable of changing his name and running from what he did. We are looking for help. We opened this page and are completely novice on how to do this but it is worth every bit to fight to get this law created. I was shocked when I heard felons can have the privilege of creating a new identity. Why? So they can move on with their life and hide from others who they really are? Is that safe for law-abiding citizens? No. It is very disturbing. Murderers delivering your pizza, ubering your children, providing care for your parents...it doesn't seem logical and it is only complete common sense they should legally not be allowed to change their name. Help us to create this new law for our wonderful state and maybe others can learn from our dedication to keeping America safe again!