To allow the Victorian Beauty Industry to open along with Hairdressers.

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The time has come to further support our fellow Beauty Salons. We need further clarification of what services/procedures we can provide to our clients.

Our Skin Industry along with our Permanent Makeup still have the highest infection control standards. Our Policy and Procedures that have always been in place are that of a medical standard.

Many Beauty Salons offer Skin Services only or Cosmetic Tattoo Services. We MUST continue our support and increase awareness.

WE DID IT TO OPEN WITH HAIRDRESSERS, lets allow Beauty to fully open!

The beauty industry is the last to open!  We will be able to open when we can travel interstate. We as an industry have been trained in Infection Control Policy and Procedures more than some Industries!

Yes, the industry is not regulated. But Hair and Beauty come under the same award. The same industry. Now Nation Cabinet has said that ‘Hairdressers are more essential than Beauty?

Yes, some salons don’t follow correct Policy and Procedures. Why not get our local councils to do more health inspections.

I know many in my Industry who have always complied. Some of us have stepped up even further. 

I renovated my salon to comply with the last lockdown. NOT ONE council representative checked to see if we were following COVID health and safety.

YET, we as an Industry have to be Council Approved. Come on Local Councils GET BEHIND YOUR SMALL BUSINESSES! 

Am I frustrated? Absolutely. 2020 has been a wipe out for many of our small businesses.