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You are supporting Our Australian Gift to the World (Our Gift) which is proposed to be an annual gift from Australia provided free of obligation to the World and its inhabitants. It is provided by us, all the people of Australia.

Our Gift is to be:

  • an Australian citizen driven, 
  • elected board managed, and 
  • Federal Government funded initiative;

to, on an annual basis, select and develop a gift for the world.

Examples of Our Gift might be:

  • A cure for malaria.
  • A large volume, low power/no power water purifier.
  • A leprosy eradication task force.
  • An effective, long life and safe power source for space travel.
  • A cheap, effective and safe mobility aid for the disabled.
  • An improvement of an agricultural crop that is the staple diet of some disadvantaged group/nation/continent.
  • A new power storage system made from abundant and cheap materials.
  • An animal protection scheme for a particular species.
  • A cheap, effective, safe and environmentally sustainable human waste disposal system.
  • The purchase and distribution, including operator training, of an existing effective and cheap explosive mine detection system for explosive mine ravaged areas.
  • A scientific research project to determine the root cause of a species threatening disease in a specific plant.
  • Permanent global disaster relief communications and operations management teams.
  • Education support systems for deprived communities. 
  • Space exploration technologies that might assist future humanity.
  • A permanent global anti-slavery or slavery rescue task force.
  • An effective and environmentally friendly replacement for plastic packaging.

Our Gift provides the people of Australia with a voice as to how and with what we interact with the rest of our world:

  • unfettered by Australian Federal Government foreign policy; 
  • unfettered by Federal, State and Local Government politics; 
  • unfettered by political, religious, interest group and other affiliations; and
  • unfettered by the personal ambitions of individuals or ambitions or agendas of groups.

It is also proper that a rich nation contributes directly to the well-being of the World. In this case, what is contributed and how it is contributed is not left to politicians or the government bureaucracy alone to decide.

Lastly, setting a precedent of a country transparently and actively “gifting” to the world without any expectation of something in return is simply a wonderful thing to do.

Our Gift is about inspiration, imagination, participation and generosity coupled with the professional and efficient delivery of those characteristics.

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