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Our legal system is expensive inefficient, divorced from justice and open to manipulation!

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Demand changes for a FREE and FAIR legal system!!!

Our adversarial legal system is failing so many of us in so many ways!

It has become nothing more than a "lawyers game" at the taxpayer's expense!   When money rules, it is "the dollar" that decides what is right and wrong,  what is 'fair and just';  and who wins and who will lose!  Our legal system has become corrupted and weakened.

1. A fully-fledged ROYAL COMMISSION into the failings of our LEGAL SYSTEM, JUDICIARY, and the COURTS (inc family).

The great divide between ‘the law’ and ‘justice’ is not acceptable!

The way in which the legal system had been misused to destroy the lives of good honest hard-working Australians is not acceptable!

The way in which it has been used to decimate families is not acceptable!

The way in which it has manipulated in the interests of greedy psychopathic corporations to rob people of their homes, livelihood or life's savings is not acceptable!

The way in which it has been used to disempower and silence whistle-blowers (and even our elected representatives) is not acceptable!

The way in which our legal system has proved itself to be unable to admit and correct its own errors is not acceptable!

Our current legal system does not operate in the interests of the wider community and CANNOT continue to be legitimately funded by the taxpayer!

2. It is the people's will and right to re-claim the law.   

We demand a new FREE & FAIR,  fact-finding,  truth-seeking legal system.

"Justice for the people, by the people, of the people."  

Justice - what is fair and right - is NOT a concept "beyond" the grip of the average Australian. Yet we have a judiciary that insists that it is the providence of only an elite few and  "handed down" from on "high".

We ask for justice,  but what we receive is "the law" -  covered up in some mystical language, with strict obscure procedures and archaic customs.  This mechanism that ensures that the power of 'the law' remains in the hands of a certain elitist group  - and the very wealthy.

3. An extensive and inclusive COMMUNITY CONSULTATION process is to be initiated throughout the entire length and breadth of this country; so as to facilitate the development of a FREE AND FAIR legal system that CAN deliver justice. This may be with or without the assistance of legal experts as is determined by the community consultation. 

The agenda may consider the items listed below, but is not limited to - 

- the introduction of jury trial for civil matters,

- the imposition of criminal penalties on corporations

- an examination of inquisitional,  adversarial and hybrid legal systems,

- the introduction of compulsory legal education at schools for all levels, including fundamental legal rights, natural justice concepts, and constitutional law

- the limiting of the appointments of ALL judges to seven years,

- increasing the number of high court judges eg 20-60,

 - the establishment of a judicial complaints tribunal,

- the creation of more diversity in the appointment of judges to more accurately reflect the diversity of the wider community,

- amendments to the constitution as required,

- restoration of civil rights and liberties,

- revision of the penalties, fines and incarceration both civil and criminal

- any other matters submitted by individuals or community groups.


Petition: Step 1. Take immediate steps to facilitate the conduct of a full-fledged Royal Commission.  The people will determine the Commissioner and the Terms of Reference by the community consultation process and a vote. This is to be completed within the next twelve months from your receipt of this petition. Step 2. Arrange for wide-reaching inclusive community consultations to take place regarding the development of a FREE & FAIR legal system over the following two-year period. Step 3 Arrange for the necessary changes and orderly transition to occur over the following 5-year period.

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