Strengthening neighbourhood policing in Vanier

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This is a petition from the Vanier Community Association advocating for strengthened neighbourhood policing in Vanier.

Context: In 2017, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) adopted a new service delivery model that essentially implemented reactive policing in lieu of a community-based approach. OPS reduced the number of Community Police Officers and assigned the remaining officers a larger catchment area. Furthermore, OPS eliminated all Neighbourhood Officer positions.

Impact: The reactive policing model is having a negative impact on Vanier. As OPS is essentially only reacting to crime, and not proactively engaged in deterring crime, there are no effective and sustainable crime prevention practices being applied by OPS in Vanier.

Reactive policing lacks effective problem solving and stakeholder engagement. Vanier needs the return of specialized geographically dedicated officers focused on project-based efforts. Officers who build relationships, foster trust and collaboration, and who will work with community groups to identify and help resolve problems sustainably.

Request: We respectively request the Ottawa Police Service and the Police Services Board reinstate neighbourhood policing, crime prevention practices and return Neighbourhood Officers dedicated to Vanier. We implore the OPS to return to a neighbourhood-based policing approach and implement the following:

1.       Improved application and enforcement of existing laws (e.g., sex-trade activity in public places next to schools, playgrounds and daycare centres, locations known for drug activity, and traffic infractions.)

2.       Make available Vanier-specific crime data to enable the community groups and crime prevention advocates to develop and implement safety initiatives in areas where criminal activity occurs and/or is emerging.

3.       Additional resources for our Community Police Officer and the return of Neighbourhood Officers dedicated to Vanier.

We request the required resources to support and strengthen local efforts to ensure the safety and security of residents to keep Vanier  a safe place to live, work, and play.