Force By-Law and animal welfare agencies in Ottawa to clarify & publish responsibilities.

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New animal welfare legislation came into force in Ontario on January 1, 2020. Ontario now has the most strict animal welfare laws to protect animals from cruelty and abuse and City of Ottawa Officials cannot seem to figure out who is responsible for what, nor will they follow through on promises of action. In the meantime, animals are freezing in the cold, dying in hot cars in the summer and suffering starvation and physical abuse. Enough is enough! We MUST be their voice and we must speak out NOW!

Sign the petition to force Mayor Jim Watson and Ottawa City Council to clearly and publicly list what each animal welfare agency is responsible for and start implementing consequences when agencies do not fulfill their legislated duty. No more phone numbers that lead nowhere, no more referring complaints to some unnamed Ministry. REAL action! Animal rescue organizations all over the city should be consulted and heeded. They are the voluntary and unfunded organizations filling in a gap that our taxes should be paying for.

Listen to the interview of one woman who has been trying to save a neglected dog left out in the cold in Ottawa since the beginning of December 2019 at the following link to understand why this petition was launched:

If we are successful, abused and neglected animals all over Ottawa win! If we are not successful, this will be an issue raised over and over again until the next mayoral and city council elections and will be made an election issue.