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Ban the Sale of Shark Fin Soup and Shark Fin Products

An estimated 73 million sharks are killed each year as a result of this billion dollar industry. A practice that involves cutting the fins off of sharks while they are alive then throw them back in to the water to die slowly. They then sell these fins to be used in a popular Chinese cuisine, Shark Fin soup, as well as used in medicines. Truth is the fins add nothing to the taste soup but add texture something that can easily be replaced. Also there is no scientific evidence proving that shark fin is beneficial to your health in fact it has been stated on numerous accounts it is worse for you due to the increased mercury found in sharks. This petition is set up to ban the selling of shark fin soup and shark fin products in city of Ottawa. These creatures are rapidly declining in population and if something isn't done soon there won't be any left.

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To Ottawa City Council
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

We are calling upon you to develop a strong law banning the selling and distribution of shark fin soup and shark fin products in the city of Ottawa. We are deeply horrified to walk down the streets in our nation's capital and see certain restaurants openly displaying shark fin soup on their menus. An estimated 73 million sharks are killed each year in the shark fining industry, a cruel and wasteful practice in which the fins of sharks are cut while they are still alive and then throws them back in the sea to die slowly and painfully. These fins are then sold on the market and imported across the world to be used in a Chinese cuisine called shark fin soup, as well as used in other products. It is believed that shark fin has medicinal properties that cure but there are no substantial facts to back that up. Studies have actually proven that ingesting shark is more harmful to you due to the increase of mercury within its system.

Several cities across the country have already banned the selling of shark fin soup and shark fin products and we believe that the City of Ottawa should be the next to join that group. We believe that as the nation's capital we are looked at for our actions by not just the province but the entire country. By allowing this product to be sold in our city it shows that this city does not care what happens to these creatures that play a vital roll in our ecosystem and that it supports the cruel inhumane practice in which shark fins are obtained. So we are hear asking you to make a difference, to show the country that the City of Ottawa will not support the cruel practice of shark fining, nor will it allow the use of shark fins in our restaurants and stores. We believe that by banning this product from our city that other cities will pursue the same course of action and stand up and say no. Together we can make a difference, but we need you to make the change.



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