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Ban Shark Fins in Ottawa

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The barbaric act of finning sharks for shark fin soup is an act which is pushing many species in the planets largest ecosystem to the brink of extinction. Every year approximately 73 million sharks die a slow death because of finning and it has been estimated by scientists that at least 80% of the shark population has been reduced. Finning is the inhumane practice of hacking off the shark's fins and throwing its still living body back into the sea.

As I am sure you are aware, the import of shark fins has recently been protested in Toronto and with great success a ban has been initiated. I am requesting that this ban also be effective in Ottawa and then Canada wide.

As killing black bears for their gall bladder or rhinos for their horns has been banned because they are pointless, barbaric and improvident practices, this too is an issue that has been going on far too long to ignore anymore. This should have been banned 30 years ago, this is a NO BRAINER, and this needs to happen NOW!

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