Justice For Baby Jayden!

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My First born son (Jayden Ray Ledesma) life was taken in Feb 25,2018 taken away by someone who was supposed to protect him from any and everything... His father Joseph Rodriguez took my precious baby boy from me and everyone who loved him... he was in his fathers care at the time and hit my baby in the head with full force and no remorse... and when he did that to my son he didn’t call for help for my son... he waited and it was too late � not only did he take forever to call for help but he also left my son in the hospital by his self... leaving and going as the nurses told me. What kind of person does that?! A GUILTY ONE!!! NO parent should see their child in the hospital as I seen my son ... lifeless, cold, and bruised up as well. No parent should have to bury their child! Just a innocent sweet loving and caring Baby Boys life taken away ... he was going to be a big brother and he didn’t even get to meet his little sister or little brother� tell me what does a child do so wrong that makes someone so mad that it makes them take their life away? NOTHING! Because someone with a heart knows they will never do that !!! Only MONSTERS would do such a cruel thing! And before he denied hurting my son or even causing his death... but NOW he wants to plea guilty and only get 30 years... 30 YEARS! I can’t ever see my son again and he wants to only get 30 years... he took a LIFE, HIS OWN SONS LIFE! MY ONE AND ONLY SON! MY BABY BOY!! So he deserves life and my son DESERVES JUSTICE!!! So PLEASE if you have a heart please sign this petition to help me get the Justice my son Deserves and give this monster LIFE! JUSTICE FOR BABY JAYDEN��