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Seek the maximum punishment allowed by law for Jody K. Bracy


Every single day animal lovers worldwide witness hundreds upon hundreds of incidences involving the abuse, neglect and torture of animals, all animals, not just cats or dogs. Thousands of people have joined together to serve as a voice for the voiceless, to fight what seems like a never ending battle to end animal cruelty. There are cases nationwide that have gained media publicity and because of this, these cases are brought to the attention of those of us fighting countless hours, shedding many tears and suffering repeated broken hearts with every new case that surfaces. It is time to be heard by the legislature and the judicial systems of this great nation when we ask for stiffer penalties for those who hurt or kill defenseless animals.

On July 12, 2012 an incident transpired in North La Junta, CO that was brought to my attention just one day after the Sheriffs Report was released in the La Junta Tribune Democrat on July 16, 2012. As an animal lover and avid animal rights activist, not to mention that La Junta, CO was once my home town, I was appalled to hear that someone I have known for many years was being accused of shooting and killing, with a .22 rifle in broad daylight with witnesses present, a cat that was not even on her property. This is completely unacceptable behavior on so many levels.

First of all, this individual discharged a firearm in a residential area. Second of all, this individual trespassed onto a neighbor’s property to retrieve the lifeless body of an innocent cat that she shot. Third of all, this cat was not on her property, hence the fact that she had to trespass to retrieve the body. Fourth of all, 2 of the witnesses attempted to cover this incident by claiming they knew nothing of it. Fifth of all, the accused stood in her doorway in nothing but a towel, knowing full well why the Sheriff’s personnel were looking for her and the insisted upon not cooperating when the deputy placed her under arrest. Finally, this individual admitted to shooting  this defenseless animal. If she is allowed to walk away from these charges, it is just a matter of time before she repeats a similar offense.

The cat that died on July 12, 2012, died nameless, but the animal loving community world wide is begging you to please give careful consideration when prosecuting the Cruelty to Animals Incident Report #01200403 Accused Jody K. Bracy  and not allow for any plea agreements to be granted. Animal cruelty needs to end and until our prosecuting attorneys stop accepting plea agreements, that are mere slaps on the wrist to the offenders, these crimes will continue to grow and will spread like wildfire. This cat had recently given birth to kittens and for those who love animals that means something. Please do not let this crime go unpunished, as the world is watching closely the actions of our nation's court systems and we are fighting for a change in defense of the voiceless. Please show the world that La Junta, CO will not tolerate such crimes in its community.



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