Unban Cookiezi

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Who is Cookiezi?
I would hardly believe you don't know him but just in case

Cookiezi is part of osu soul

The best player ever, never forgotten, his scores are everywhere around youtube and there is no single player who does not knows him. Just a google search and hundred of results will show up.

Why is Cookiezi banned?
The same as reimu, he cheated on porpuse and got himself banned. His reasons are still not clear, some say because of his eyes, other says because he hated some of the staff (Andrea) or that simply got bored. He is the first that started this kamikaze banning trend, then followed by shizuru and reimu.

Why should Cookiezi get unbanned?
It is still not clear by today if Cookiezi himself wants to commit into playing osu again. But just as a twitch streamer he can be very succesful. Cookiezi holds the same bag as reimu, he generated drama inside the community, multiacounted then cheated, plus recently multiaccounted again (December 2014 burstlimit). BUT if Cookiezi were to follow the rules and wants to play there seems to be no reason to keep him banned, instead having him playing offline would be a waste. Should someone be treated special compared to others? I don't think so. Thats why this change was made. If for example a rank 20,000 player were to multiaccount twice and cheat once, be able to appeal for his ban in 1 year? We all think he deserves another chance. What about Cookiezi, if he were treated just like that would make sense just to let him appeal and be able to be back online since hes been off almost 2 years. But he is not a regular player, thus making sense that his punishments should be greater just to give the example for newcomers to not commit the same mistakes (Mutliaccounting, cheating)

At this point we all agree Cookiezi been absent enough. We all want to hype again when watching him play, its just part of the osu culture to look up to better players.

Unbanning cookiezi would bring competition. Yes as simple as that, the best player is basically setting new standards, new scores that many pros will have hard time beating. Cookiezi skill level may be the same of decreased but others such as hvick or index are extremely good competitors compared to 2013. This would bring a new era to the osu competitive level.

Since the osu staff seems to be completly against brining Cookiezi back, we must voice and discuss. 

We all know that osu will not live forever, Cookiezi is part of osu history, lets stop censoring him and let us be part of the history too, we wanna live the history and not remember him already as a past player, since he can still deliver.

Will be updating this petition with both Cookiezi opinion and staff reactions.



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