NEED stricter guidelines around pet adoption: Give these animals the right to a happy home

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Whether a dog or a fish, every day you hear thousands of stories about these poor animals being abandoned, discarded by their owners as if they’re some sort of an inconvenience. Live fish being flushed, dogs being chained to the side of the road with no means of survival. 

This problem nowadays is so common that it seems almost insurmountable, which led me to wonder, “How do these people come to own these animals in the first place? If they’re so unfit to care for these pets, why should they be allowed access to them?” If we created stricter guidelines around the adoption and ownership of these animals, maybe this problem wouldn’t be so common anymore. Maybe we could make a difference in these animals’ lives.

I urge you to do so by signing my petition and taking action to create a better life for any cat, dog, bird, or pet you see in any pet store, by assuring them a safe and happy home! Implementing things as simple as mandatory online courses and training programs for new pet owners can make a significant difference. 

Maybe if it were more difficult to come across these pets, and there was more awareness about their needs, people would begin to have more value for their lives. If you want to see an end to this injustice towards animals, please sign this petition.