Stop whitewashing in engineering

Stop whitewashing in engineering

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We are sick and tired of companies and associations "whitewashing", that is implementing meaningless changes that annoy the entire community just to appear politically correct, while completely ignoring the actual problem.

The last nonsense in this field is the proposed change to redefine SPI pin names:

This is completely stupid. If you want to be so politically correct, why not just change the acronym? There:

MISO = Main In Secondary Out
MOSI = Main Out Secondary In

Was it that hard? Why did you have to change it to ridiculous terms like CIPO and COPI? Just to annoy people?

About the other terms: Chip Select is well established and standard, so we don't mind it replacing slave select (but again, where people want to use SS, they can say Secondary Select). SDI and SDO are ok for their particular use cases but useless in other cases.

We ask that you withdraw the name-change proposal, or implement the one proposed here. Why can't we meet halfway?


Q: So you support slavery?
A: OF COURSE NOT! Slavery is a terrible thing that happened in human history and we're strongly against it. If changing these words could have ANY effect on ACTUAL human slavery, we would be the first to promote them. However, Master and Slave are terms that perfectly apply to the behavior of electronic devices and exactly describe their role.

Q: But you can't talk about this because you're a privileged CIS white male!
A: Well, what are YOU, proposing this change? Because if you are not a slave, you have exactly the same rights to talk about this topic as I do. And we dare you, we double dare you, to go find a *real* person victim of slavery, and ask them if they care about this change at all (without brainwashing them with your political agenda before, or at least let them read the counter argument that we're making here).

Q: But that is a little step that can make things better!
A: Again, if this made ANY actual difference at all to human rights, we would be the first to ask for it. If you want to make a REAL difference, why don't you stop buying products that are ACTUALLY made by slaves or in countries where modern slavery is common like China? Oh, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to make posts to look politically correct without your Macbook? Or because PCBs just cost too much to make in your country, where people are paid fairly, with good working hours, and real waste treatment? Cry me a river. DO something instead of talking BS, and maybe, just maybe, the world will follow you instead of just being annoyed by you.