Say NO to Mandatory Sewer!

Say NO to Mandatory Sewer!

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Ayat Sleymann started this petition to Oshtemo Township and Residents

Legal Fund To Stop the Oshtemo Sewer Project: to donate to the GoFundMe campaign, follow link:

The resident and registered voters of Oshtemo township are impacted by this project.

  • Oshtemo Township is forcing current residents to pay for the infrastructure of its sewer project. Oshtemo Township is also mandating that residents hire a private company to hook up to the sewer project shortly after completion irrespective of our current functional septic systems.
  • Oshtemo Township is also planning to raise our property tax due to the new sewer system.
  • There has been no studies to prove the need for such a project or supportive data.
  • Oshtemo township has intentionally been misleading the public to achieve its goal. The true financial cost to the current resident is far more beyond what they claim
  • Claims that sewer is better than septic is not true
  • Current residents are forced to take another 30 year mortgage and pay out of pocket for this project. Most of the residents here are considered low income and have no means to pay for this project. This will force our retired citizen to go back to work, prevent us from focusing on spending time with our families and better our lives but instead worry how to pay for something we DO NOT NEED. NOTE: We are not necessarily opposed to converting to a sanitary sewer system. Most homes are not built to support a sewer system, there will be a long term maintenance cost to the home owners.
  • Why should the current resident carry the burden of this unnecessary project? We are not necessarily opposed to a sewer system for homes currently using septic systems. We are opposed to funding that conversion by home-by-home charges.
  • If the township can unilaterally decide to provide sanitary sewer installation for the health and welfare of the entire community, they should also spread the cost to the entire community through some standard form of municipal funding. 
  • We are asking to put this project to a vote as the Michigan Township Association recommends and let the people decide if this upgrade is needed in accordance with MCL 124.288, MCL324.4703 and ML324.4709
  • Additional consideration needs to be given to extra costs involved in hook-up and maintenance due to location of septic system and the need for gravity pumps

My family cannot afford this project. We will be forced to take a loss for our home. My neighbors won’t make ends meet to pay for their medicine. Others will have to go back to work in order to pay for this. We need everyone’s SUPPORT


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!