Save Teacher Fatih, Save Education

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Fatih Keskin is a teacher who has been living and working in Bosnia for over 15 years. On December 3, he was arrested and taken to the immigration center in Sarajevo, where his permanent residence was revoked, and is now facing the danger of being illegally deported to Turkey, where he will likely be a political prisoner and face ill-treatment. Sign this petition and help us raise our voice in support!

Teacher Fatih is teaching a lesson, even now.

They called him to check in with the authorities. Not responding to the call was not an option for him.

They told him he is a threat to all of us.

Teacher Fatih, a man of dignity, honest, proud. Even now he is teaching a lesson. Only now in his classroom there is many, many more students. Young and old.

Help us draw attention of the authorities and all people who care about protection of human rights and dignity, that they cannot do an injustice to our teacher.

Help this petition. We all need justice and quality education.

Teacher Fatih Keskin, a husband and a father of two, an educator and a principal of one of the most successful educational institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been labeled as a "threat to the national security" and has been denied the hospitality of our country.

He is now in the Migrational Center Lukavica near Sarajevo.

We worry about him, we are afraid he might be deported maybe even back to Turkey where he would be exposed to ill-famed treatment of their prison system.

Let us raise our voices.

Our teacher is holding a lesson even now.

Thank you

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