Fire United Airlines Employee for the Death of Kokito the French Bulldog...

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Dear Mr. Munoz of United Airlines,

I've respectfully created this petition to seek justice for Catalina Robledo and her dog Kokito.  As a proud animal lover and owner of an American Bully named "Spike" I'm upset, concerned, and shocked about the welfare of animals during flights.

Between hamsters getting flushed down toilets, kittens dying in cargo holds, and animals suffocating airlines need to improve animal safety.  So now that United has mastered the transport of humans please create changes which insure animal safety.

In addition, we seek the firing of the employee who instructed Catalina to store her dog in the overhead luggage compartment.  Also, we seek that the crew chief aboard the flight be suspended without pay.  Lastly, we insist that in depth animal safety training and transportation protocol be improved by United Airlines.    

Quotes from Catalina Robledo:

“I asked them, ‘How am I going to put my puppy in the overhead?’” she said. “He’s going to suffocate.”

She found his body when the flight was over.

“I put him on the floor and I was hitting him, asking him to wake up, but he was already completely dead,” she said, adding that the crying flight attendant had said she did not know the dog was in the bag.

“He was barking, how could she not have known?” Ms. Robledo said

Thank you for your time...