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Comfort women during World War II were not “necessary” -- Apologize now.

On May 13th, prominent Japanese politician Toru Hashimoto sparked an international public outcry when he “told reporters in Osaka that Japan’s wartime sex slave system, which forced thousands of girls and women from around Asia into prostitution for the Japanese military, had been necessary in order to maintain military discipline.” (1)

The women “were necessary in order to provide relaxation for those brave soldiers who had been in the line of fire,” Hashimoto said. (2)

Since making these statements, a fury of domestic and international criticism has rained down upon Hashimoto. He has waffled back and forth and tried to make excuses, but Hashimoto has not yet apologized nor taken his words back and continues to insist that women were not “forced” into sexual slavery.

We, the Kansai Network for the Japanese Military Comfort Women Issue, strongly condemn Hashimoto’s remarks and demand a formal apology. We call on people within Japan and across the world to stand in solidarity with the victims by signing this petition.

Please sign our petition and share with your friends. Thank you for your support.

This petition is available in Japanese here.

Our formal letter to Hashimoto can be found here (Japanese only):

Background information can be found on our website here (Japanese only): 

(1) Japan Times -

(2) BBC -

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