Make Missing Jennifer Kesse COLD CASE after 12 Years

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Please help us plead to the Orlando Police Department to make the Jennifer Kesse missing person case a Cold Case after 12 years with no answers.

On January 24, 2006 Jennifer Keese failed to show up for work at Central Florida Investments in Ococee, Florida. A bright and responsible young woman, it was unlike her to not show up for work without calling and she was expected at an important meeting the morning of January 24, 2006. Every morning on her way to work she called her then boyfriend, Rob Allen. On the morning of January 24 there was no call made. When she failed to show up for work, her employer called her emergency contact, her parents Joyce and Drew Kesse who reside in Tampa, Florida. They immediately went to Orlando and began what would be the longest and heart breaking battle of their lives. It has now been 12 years and there is little known today that is any different from January 24, 2006.

On January 26, 2006 around noon, Jennifer's car was found abandoned less than two miles from her Condo in The Huntington on the Green Condominiums parking lot located at the corner of Texas and Americana Ave in Orlando, FL. Her car was parked by an unidentified person of interest captured on the video below parked, waited 32 seconds, exited the car and walked away never looking back. The persons face was blocked by the fence posts never giving a clear picture of their facial identity despite the FBI and NASA's best efforts to enhance the video.

Person of Interest Video:

It has been reported in the media and from many including the family that the first detectives assigned to this case took little to no notes and retired not long after Jennifer went missing. Orlando Police Department also never actually processed Jennifer's condo possibly missing clues now gone forever.

January 24, 2018 the Orlando Police Department held a very brief press conference announcing no new leads or information. They said that "fresh eyes" would be assigned to the case full time yet the detective assignment is Teresa Sprague, the same detective that has been on the case for five years.

They also did not mention the true crime investigative podcast Unconcluded by Shaun Gurd and friend Scott Jamison, a real time investigation into the disappearance of Kesse. This podcast can be downloaded for free on iTunes or any place you get your podcasts. I felt it was important to mention the podcast because it has brought more light and publicity to the case than any other outlet in several years. The podcast has also brought new tips that have been passed along to the Orlando PD. 

After the press conference the Kesse family spoke candidly to the media regarding the lacking investigation by Orlando Police Department. The family spoke out about their desire to have the case made a COLD CASE to gain access to the files. This would allow private investigators to take a real fresh look at the case. "We can stand at Jennifer's front door to this day and they cannot tell us one inch up down left or right." says Drew Kesse. Drew Kesse also said there has been over 4500 leads in the case while Orlando Police Department said only a couple hundred leads have come in. The Kesse family made it clear that they want to bring Jennifer home for the good or bad.

Please help us plead to the Orlando Police Department to make the Jennifer Kesse case a Cold Case.

Anyone with information on Jennifer Kesse is urged to call the Orlando Police Department at 407-246-3982. There is a 15,000 reward offered for anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest.

All it will take is one tip by one person to solve this case. The time is now to come forward. 

It is time to bring Jennifer home.