Orlando City Council: Stop profit on blood shed

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Pulse Night Club will forever be known as a site of one of the most horrific mass murders ever.

On June 12, 2016, 49 club patrons were robbed of their lives. Lives taken by a monster that wreaked havoc in a matter of minutes.  As the news broke we all looked on in disbelief as loved ones searched for their Family and Friends. The anguish was too much to bear; we were paralyzed with fear.

As if that were not enough, now there's an idea to turn Pulse Night Club into a “for profit” destination -- a site that would charge admission like an Amusement attraction.  This “Memorial” would be opened to capitalize on the lives lost. A place where you can buy T-shirt’s, hats, souvenirs and memorabilia, and walk through and experience the blood shed first hand. For profit.

But not for those left to process the grief. To mourn.

I appeal to your humanity that “A Memorial” should be a place of reverence and solace honoring those lives taken too soon so tragically. Not a mockery, a place to gawk and line pockets. Not an Amusement Attraction.

Who are we as a people if we allow this to happen? All we have left of each of the 49 lives is memories of who they were to those who knew and loved them. Honor those lives and the families left behind by building a true Memorial. The same way other places of tragedy have been memorialized.

Please take a moment To sign this petition in Support of Stopping this proposed action. Do not Support One Pulse.

Would you want your loved ones death made a mockery?

Pledge with your signature and say this is Unacceptable and brings further pain to those left behind.

We can and must do better.