Support for Interboro High School Treasurer

Support for Interboro High School Treasurer

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Organizer of "Interboro High School Treasurer is a Racist!" and Interboro School District/Borough

Why this petition matters

On Saturday, August 1, 2020, there was a scheduled protest for "Black Lives Matter". Rumors swirled about BLM bringing in outside organizers, from cities like Detroit & DC, and with the nation-wide looting and violence during such protests, as well as the disgusting treatment of our brave men and women of Law Enforcement; Delaware County Residents organized an event to support our Law Enforcement Officers, as well as make sure no looting or rioting took place in our hometown.

There is currently a petition on titled "Interboro High School Treasurer is a Racist!". The accused 'racist' is Christine Alonso, an American Hero who served and fought for America in the Army out in Iraq in the early 2000's. 

After reviewing every piece of video evidence, as well as speaking with people from both BLM and Back the Blu who were present, there seems to be absolutely no evidence of Christine using any racial slurs whatsoever. 

 This is a clear case of defamation of character, based on fake news spreading on Facebook and other outlets. It is even more upsetting, that BLM has disrespected our Law Enforcement, but now are also defaming the character of a Veteran who was wounded in action while fighting for our freedom's as Americans! 

Please join our community in signing this petition, in hopes of

a.) removing the petition "Interboro High School Treasurer is a Racist!" from the website:, due to a violation of policy,


b.)bringing this signed petition to the Interboro School Board's attention, in defense of the innocent Christine Alonso.

I sincerely thank all of the locals, and non-locals, for signing this petition for doing what is right by standing up to the mob.

625 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!