Wrongfully convicted- 28 years with no evidence

Wrongfully convicted- 28 years with no evidence

January 3, 2022
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Started by Sahirah Maryam

Marques Morris, is a wrongfully convicted Man from St. Louis County. In 1994, he was charged with 1st degree murder accomplice liability; with no physical evidence linking him to this crime. All witnesses have recanted their statements in signed and notarized affidavits and depositions. He was never even told with whom he was supposed to be an accomplice to!!! Yet he still remains in prison.

The prosecutor said to the judge at his trial, she had no real motive, and could not prove deliberation, but insisted on “sending a message“ to the community of Kinloch with this verdict (an all Black community adjacent to Ferguson, MO).

The State admittedly worked deals with witnesses to secure their testimony. Witnesses were tampered with, threatened and coerced by state officials. The witnesses, two young men at the time, said later in documents that they lied on Marques to keep from going to jail.

Marques has maintained his innocence for 28 years!!! Marques is 46 years old, and still trying to get someone to listen. He filed an application to St. Louis County’s Conviction Investigative Review Unit (C.I.R.U.) started by Wesley Bell, County Prosecutor. It is operated by Attorney Jessica Hathaway, who says she is vetting the case. However, without media attention what will the outcome be?

Marques Morris is INNOCENT!!! We are contacting you for your help. Will you help? We need you to reach out to Wesley Bell, Jessica Hathaway, and whoever else you can get to do the same; to voice support for Marques’ exoneration through the C.I.R.U. 
Senate Bill 53 has given prosecutors the power to make things right. Help us get Justice for Marques Morris and his family.

It was accepted that he was a victim of a manifest injustice by the past head of the unit, Dana Muelhauser, before she left for Baltimore. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and slowed the process in 2020. Marques has been actively working for his freedom for 28 years!!! We need your help!!!

Contact info:
Wesley Bell 
100 South Central Ave, 2nd Floor
Clayton, MO 63105

Jessica Hathaway 
120 S Central Ave, Ste 130
St. Louis, MO 63105
City of St. Louis County

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Signatures: 394Next Goal: 500
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