Replacing plastic with tetra packs for packaging of MILK

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With the motive of having healthy Soil which in turn will contribute to a healthy plastic free environment, I am raising this Petition. 

Main focus is on the plastic packs which are used to supply milk. The particles in the plastic are the most dangerous as they escape even sophisticated filters and enter the food chain, earth , water bodies. Our daily milk sachets triangular miniscule corner may have killed few sea creature's and blocked easy flow of water somewhere.

It will take a 1000 years or more to disintegrate. Would you want that? Milk can be supplied through Tetra packs which involves 74% in total paper board and these sachets are recyclable. 

One more reason for the petition would be, polythene packing costs around 60paise per litre, compared with tetra packing which would cost about Rs.5.40 per litre. The dairy sells a liter milk @ Rs.19 in polythene. However once it goes for tetra packing, the cost would be Rs.22 per litre. Even though the cost would increase by Rs.3 the benefit of a healthy plastic free environment would be enjoyed by billions. Extra cost of Rs.3 should be borne by Government and public should get milk at same cost with tetra pack.

Please consider this petition on priority and join hands for healthy safe environment.