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Vote against Oregon SB442 and Support Oregonian Rights to Alternative Vaccination Schedules

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It is important for every parent to have the right to choose when, how, and how often they and their children are vaccinated, as many of the the vaccines on the market have harmful chemicals, triple-live viruses, as well as serious, documented, and sometimes fatal side effects.

Let's be clear and up front. We are not all against vaccinations. Vaccinating children responsibly has important public health benefits, as well as fostering healthy schools, neighborhoods, public areas, and churches. The problem with SB442 is that is takes away parental rights to choose when and how their children are vaccinated.

We support the efforts of Dr. Paul Thomas and the folks at NO on SB442 in their efforts at stopping this bill and retaining the rights of citizens to monitor the health of their families in ways that suit their conscience and the health of children, families, as well as public areas.

To quote from Dr. Thomas:

SB442-3 would take away informed consent when it comes to vaccines.  You do them all or you cannot go to daycare or school.  The medical exemption will likely have to run through a State appointed doctor – That’s what happens in Mississippi—one of two states that already passed a similar bill.

This bill will mandate the poisoning of every newborn and infant with the aluminum in Hep B when 99% don’t need it.  To mandate a medical procedure is just insane.  Many of our peers are falling into line with the drug companies that engineered this roll out to occur in several states simultaneously in response to the “epidemic” of measles –  wow.  Remember – no deaths in US for a decade and one case of measles in Oregon from which no-one else caught measles.

Dr. Sears has long written at length about the danger and numerous side effects of many vaccines on the market. He and Dr. Thomas are not anti-vaccine. They advocate responsible, reasonable, and measured approaches to the way parents vaccinate children.

Dr. Sears' Alternative Vaccine Schedule has given many parents hope and a better way to approach vaccines, family health, and the health of the general public.

The wording of SB442 is dangerous and vague and would eventually allow vaccines to be mandated for anyone posing a public health concern. Please support this petition, and help parents in Oregon retain their rights to alternative vaccination.


Jonathan Simcoe

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