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Allow Roseburg Senior Highschool to retain their Mascot name, "Indians".

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This is the name that Roseburg Senior Highschool has had since it's inception. There are decades of pride and history in/with our Roseburg Senior High School Indians!  To say that having the name Indian is racial is unfair and way out of context. They thought about doing this years ago, but decided not to at that time; Ironically the school was doing exceptionally well, all around, in academic sports. If we allow this to be deemed "racist", what's next? Are we to comb the country and start changing any tradition that resembles a race or breed in any fashion?  It seems racist to use this historical mascot as being racist in the first place. 

"We are in the heart of the 100 Valleys of the Umpqua! We got the name to honor our local Umpqua Indians! It was not chosen at random, like many schools. It is part of who we are. A part we are proud of! "  - S.G.

"I'm both an RHS graduate, and a registered Native American. If I don't have a problem with the name, who is the school to change it "so as not to offend those of native decent"? I'd be offended if it DID change. Leave it alone!"  - J.G.

"My father was a Roseburg Indian. I was a Roseburg Indian. My three sons were Roseburg Indians. We will ALWAYS be Roseburg Indians! Changing the name is just ridiculous. We should allow only current RHS students and Alumni to vote on a name change. If they say we should change the name; then it should be changed. The State School Board needs to stay out of OUR business!!"  - A.S. 

"Honoring the heritage of bravery and competition does not degrade any people group be it the Roseburg Indians or the Riddle Irish. The local Indians I have talked to feel that this is ridiculous. How about have the people in Salem find some meaningful work instead of trying to wipe out the heritage of the Native Americans and Roseburg High School."   -L.G. 

"I'm very proud to be a Roseburg Indian! The fight song rings proudly through my memories. There has never been any derogatory blemish to the mascot. Many of the students, parents, and faculty, have some form of Native American in their blood. We are proud of this heritage, and we love to show it. Please do not take this away from us."  - P.B.

 "Indians is a generic term representing the many Tribes of the Umpqua Valley. This pays tribute to those who had settled the land. I consider it Racists to force the Ban. I am Proud to Be a Roseburg High School Indian as part of my heritage comes from Tribes who had settled this Nation prior to the White People coming from Europe."  - S.R.P.


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