I Am Essential: Frontline Workers Need A COVID-19 Pay Differential

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Essential frontline workers need your support. 

The coronavirus has put a spotlight on people in healthcare, public services, grocery stores, food services, and property services who do the most essential jobs in our society. 

These frontline workers – often low-paid and more likely to be people of color, immigrants and women – have to go into their workplace, into people’s homes, or into public spaces where they are exposed to the coronavirus and put at risk. They are keeping us safe and comfortable, and we need to have their backs. 

Employers should provide essential employees with a COVID-19 pay differential. 

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There is a long history of compensating people when they are exposed to risk at work. Hazard pay is common in many dangerous professions. This is why we believe that all essential employees in Oregon should be getting a COVID-19 pay differential. 

If these workers are deemed so necessary that they are forced into these conditions while the rest of us are ordered to stay home, they deserve a COVID-19 pay differential.

Our essential workers matter, and we need to have their backs.