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Petitioning Representative Sherrie Sprenger and 22 others

Oregon lawmakers: STOP Promoting the use of INDIAN MASCOTS in Oregon's Public Schools

THE OPINION OF THE FEW DOES NOT OUTWEIGH THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF OTHERS!  We stand as Native People and Allies against the use of Indian Mascots in Oregon.


Letter to
Representative Sherrie Sprenger
Senator Betsy Close
Senator Fred Girod
and 20 others
Senator Mark Hass
Senator Betsy Johnson
Senator Tim Knopp
Senator Jeff Kruse
Senate President Peter Courtney
Senate President Pro Tempore Ginny Burdick
Representative Tina Kotek
Representative Gene Whisnant
Representative Kim Thatcher
Representative Andy Olson
Representative Sal Esquivel
Representative Tim Freeman
Representative Vic Gilliam
Representative Wally Hicks
Representative John Huffman
Representative Bob Jenson
Representative Bill Kennemer
Representative Betty Komp
Representative Greg Matthews
Representative Chris Garrett
1) EVERYONE DESERVES CIVIL RIGHTS: The good intentions of Mascot proponents do not matter when actual harm is done. Recent studies objectively establish that actual harm IS the result.

2) TRIBES SUPPORT THIS BAN: Tribes are NOT split on this issue. Tribes in the US have called for an END to Indian Mascots. No one Tribe can give permission for a whole people.

STOP Promoting the use of INDIAN MASCOTS in Oregon's Public Schools.

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