Governor Brown return all children wrongly taken by Oregon DHS to their parents

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The latest stats from Oregon DHS confirms that there is an obsession to take children away from their parents. This piece states it best:

‼️FACTS: 2015-2017 ‼️

A. 1,778 children were removed from their families due to inadequate housing. It also happens to be the second biggest increase in removals in past several years. Bills submitted in 2017 to help fix this were voted against.

B. Past two years more children than ever (1,086) have been removed from their parent due to a domestic violence situation. There’s not a strong and statewide domestic violence partner for Oregon DHS. I am helping a parent of DV right now who reported to the police. Police can’t turn over her DV report and DHS decided they didn’t believe her story and took her kids.

C. The definition of neglect is open to caseworker/supervisor interpretation. It remains the largest pocket of removals for the state of Oregon (8,231 children since 2015). Some of the cases I advocated for had totally false claims against them. 

There are thousands of parents in Oregon that would give anything to have their children back. There are parents that bent over backwards to do everything Oregon DHS asked of them to get their children back, and they are still not back.

Parents who had their children removed feel they have no where to turn to as they've exhausted all resources. They rarely get a response to their emails or phone calls from their caseworker or supervisor and their children in some cases have ended up with bruises, rashes and extreme trauma. 

As of May 28th 2018, Amy Fabbrini and Eric Zeigler, despite a judges order have not gotten their second son back. It's time to demand that children removed wrongly into the system are returned. 

If you live in Oregon, have had your children wrongly removed and not returned, please comment and also email a link of this petition to Governor's Human Services Policy Advisor, Rosa Klein. 

Note: There are some really wonderful people that work at Oregon DHS. There are also parents whom I firmly believe do not deserve to have their children returned due to abuse and drug abuse that left the children abused/neglected. This petition is for those parents who gone above and beyond to prove their innocence and have not had their children returned or have done everything called of them in their safety plan to get their children back i.e. classes, mentoring, counseling, supervised visits or CASA recommendations calling for the return of child to parent, still not done.