Assess Oregon COVID-19 risk levels on a zip code basis

Assess Oregon COVID-19 risk levels on a zip code basis

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Jordan Stone started this petition to Oregon Governer Kate Brown

Governor Brown,

I am writing on behalf of my family, my business and my community of Florence. I am not writing to complain, I am not writing to claim any violation of my constitutional rights, I am not writing to be argumentative or unsupportive.


I am writing with what I perceive to be a logical and reasonable request and to humbly ask that you would consider.


While I understand and appreciate your new approach to handling Covid-19 restrictions on a county-by- county basis, I would love to draw attention to the ways in which this approach may overlook small communities like my own. We are part of Lane county which currently sits in the Extreme Risk category. Based on the data provided on the Lane County website our town’s categorization in the extreme risk category is more a reflection of the fact that we are in the same county as Eugene, as opposed to a reflection of the risk Covid-19 currently poses to our community.


We are a resilient community and have worked tirelessly over the past 9 months to adjust to and follow all of the guidance your office and the Oregon Health Authority has provided. The success of these efforts has been evidenced by the reality that in spite of the surge of out of town and out of state visitors our community experienced this summer, our infection rates have remained incredibly low throughout.


As a part of the restaurant industry, I am concerned that another prolonged shutdown of indoor dining in our establishments will be the final dagger in many of our businesses. As you know, small business is the backbone of the communities in your state. This is especially true in the smaller communities like my own which are comprised almost entirely of family owned businesses, many of which have been a part of the community for decades. Our businesses, the healthy coastal economy upon which our state’s tourism industry heavily depends, and most importantly the livelihood of the small business owners and families you represent is at stake.


My request is simple...

Would you please consider evaluating Covid-19 risk levels on a zip code basis as opposed to a county basis?


The necessary testing and positivity rate data is available for most all of our state’s individual zip codes. Therefore, an application of risk level and activity guidance by zip code is not only possible but quite easily attainable. I believe this type of approach would allow you to continue to apply the strictest restrictions where they are most needed but would protect you from inadvertently penalizing small communities that happen to be a part of large counties where their proximity to risk is minimal.


Your stated mission is to keep Oregon safe and strong. I believe that the current approach of handling Covid- 19 restrictions on a county-by-county basis is heavily influenced by the desire to keep Oregon safe, but falls short in its ability to keep Oregon strong. It is my humble opinion that a more granular approach to the application of risk levels across our state by zip code is the best path forward to support your endeavors in keeping Oregon both safe and strong. Thank you for your consideration.

Jordan Stone

Owner – The Waterfront Depot

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!