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Massive natural resource export facilities including but not limited to dirty Coal, crude oil pipeline on wheels, and LNG are being built by sensative estuarys, wildlife refuges, public beaches, forests, airports, houses and towns, in tsunami and earthquake subduction zones and pose a huge threat of fire, explosion, spill, toxic pollution, poisoning the fishery and food chain, setting fire to migrating coastal birds with huge intermitten blasts of flame from pressure relief valves or burning coal barges drifting out of control; Fossil fuel exports   threaten national security by losing our energy supplies to economic competators, who could sell them to our enemies, and raise prices we pay. Our waters, air and wildlife refuges are being polluted with toxins. Private property and public forests are being taken by multinational corporations, beaches eroded by too much ship traffic, public access to submersible lands denied, public safety threatened, and climate altered causing gigantic droughts, dust storms, wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes bigger than ever before. The current Act is inadequate to protect the air, water, lands, fishery and people from mega extraction export of natural resources that contribute to climate change, putting Oregon, lower Columbia River bottom land farms and the whole world in imminent danger.

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Oregon State Government Oregon State Land Board
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Oregon's Coastal Zone Management Act must be amended.

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