Remove Inga Thompson from the OBRA Board

Remove Inga Thompson from the OBRA Board

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Inga Thompson, an at-large member of the OBRA board, recently circulated a petition containing misleading and blatantly false information about transgender athletes. The goal of her petition was to create a "seperate, but equal" category for transgender racers. This not only creates a dangerous situation by outing trans athletes, but also doesn't take into consideration the limited category that would create, or the science behind the current rules the IOC/UCI/USAC/OBRA already has.

In this petition, she singled out one racer in particular, Rachel McKinnon. Rachel is an elite master's track racer, who recently won a title and sparked transphobic rhetoric. Inga allowed comments on her post from people who misgendered Rachel, called her a man, a dude, a doper, and also claimed she has a mental illness or is faking her transness to win bike races. She allowed this vitriol to stay up on her page until she was confronted by OBRA members.

Some (now deleted) transphobic and hateful comments include:

"This is not complicated. ITS A DUDE COMPETING IN A WOMANS RACE"

"Pretty soon men will change their sex just to win and there will be nothing anyone can do about it...."

"This is a mental disorder issue, and it’s now manifested into an assault on women’s rights."

"Reminds me of a guy who wrapped himself in the cloak of a cancer survivor to protect himself from criticism."

Please stand with us in asking Inga to resign from the OBRA board, for her clear disregard of the OBRA Administrative Code of Conduct, and the pervasive transphobia that she has helped fuel.

Some of her specific COC violations include:

IV: Governance: A: Board of Directors

3. Act in a way that contributes to the effective operation of the Board – and work with fellow Board members and staff to assure that the Board functions well. This includes – but is not necessarily limited to the following:

  • a. Focus on the good of the organization, independent of personal agenda, self-interest, or the influence of others. 
  • c. Support Board decisions once these are made. 
  • e. Support the organization’s policies and procedures for conducting business.

9. Inform the Board of Directors of the organization of any potential conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, and abide by the decision of the Board related to the situation.

20 Transgender Policy

20.5 Privacy

1) Transgender guidelines

  • C. It is necessary to ensure insofar as possible that trans athletes are not excluded from the opportunity to participation sporting competition.
  • D. The overriding sporting objective is and remains the guarantee of fair competition. Restrictions on participation are appropriate to the extent that they are necessary and proportionate to the achievement of that objective.

Hate has no place in Oregon Bicycle Racing. We are stronger together.