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Stop being a piggy ORANUM and give them GENUINE PSYCHICS their fair dues!!!

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Alright...let's do now I'm sure all of you have heard that O is taking 70%off their psychics earnings instead of the usual 50% which is absolutely greedy and disgusting!! At stop them giving out msgs/card...ok we put up with that(granted some members take the piss...but it's also how we get a "feel"of the psychics ya know). We've complained for infinity about the awful app that cuts the sound out,all we get in response was " yes our technical team is looking into it"( With the amount of money you're generating,I'm sure you can hire a better bunch of donkeys to do the job). Then you raised the price of the packages*pffft*..again...we put up with it.... But this takes the cake....come on...for real?!You just shot yourself in the foot!! You not only penalising the GENUINE readers(who are the ones pulling in the money for you doofus) but also us paying members at the bottom of the foodchain!! Some psychics have already raised their rates while others left! *clap clap* Do you think you gonna keep afloat with the rate this is going? All we ask for is US...and also the PSYCHICs. Keep in mind you O are not the ones doing the readings! You need them and us to keep your ship afloat! The ball is at your the RIGHT thing...or we'll bounce!

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