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This petition is crutial that we get the awareness out there that pets are not a price tag. They are family. The Orangeville SPCA has with held my sisters dog NIKI against the families wishes and wants to charge a ridiculas fee of $350-$465 to get her back. Niki is a Pure Bred Jack Russell Terrier that was going to be bred, but now, cannot be as The Orangeville SPCA has spayed her again, without consent of the family. Niki also serves a purpose of not only a family member, but she is also a comforting support to her owner when she is going through her cancer treatments. Without Niki, it makes her bad days worse. All we want, is Niki back without protest. We shouldn't have to pay for an animal that already has a home. Please sign the petition so we can get Niki back.

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