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Please help save our family dog!!!!!

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We have a pitbull mix that is 6 years old. Her name is Lillie! We've had her since she was a pup. Anyone that has met her knows she is the sweetest dog and she's always been that way! She's grown up with a house full of kids and other pets!

It's discrimination against her breed, is what is happening. With all the lies going around I am here to tell the real story in hope this saves her life. 2016 She nipped a lady that put her hands up to Lillie's face to push her away with gloves on, left a scratch. Not okay, but still not a big deal just a lady that wanted to claim some money. 2017 Bit a teenage boy running passing our driveway with a breathing mask on painted like the joker, same kid that him and his younger brother used to always tease lillie when she was out on the runner and get close to her and then back away repeatedly to get her going because she couldn't reach them. Also, not leaving a horrific mark on the boy as well. When his mom got to the scene her words were "Oh, it's not nearly as bad as I thought.. but I already called the cops, sorry..." She wasn't really sorry obviously, they live up the street and she's a little dog owner and has always hated our dog because of her breed.

 The point is, she is NOT a mean dog. If she wanted to do damage to those people she could of actually done it and caused serious damage. Any dog can. But she didn't. Although it is not okay what she did, her intentions were just to protect our home. Ever since Jayden, my son was born she changed she grew up and decided it was time to protect. If someone knocks at the door she is the first one to see who it is like almost any dog. It's an intinct to protect. She has had THREE babies growing up in that home. Three kids that continually pounce, wrestle, and play with her and lillie has NEVER NOT ONCE shown any aggression. Lillie loves kids! We have a cat currently, that literally plays with the dog. It is incredible!!! They will wrestle, Kobe, our cat will bite and scratch Lillie and she doesn't even phase it. She knows to be gentle and not hurt the cat. Lillie is a family dog. Just because she is a pitbull people want to label her dangerous automatically. ANYONE who knows her, can see she is not. While she is eating you can literally put your hand in her food bowl and she will not even phase it. I know many dogs will growl and nip when people do this, especially strangers. It is sad. I wish people who voted against my dog at the Athol Town Hall took the time to come meet her before voting to euthanize her. The only person who came to meet our dog was the man who wrote the news paper article and he loved lillie (and he is a cat person himself)! He said these exact words "She seems like a calm dog to me, not dangerous at all!" He played with her, pet her, gave her treats etc...And mind you he is a complete stranger to her. And yet, she loved him too immediately, because that is how she is. She loves people.

There was a statement saying she has attacked several other dogs, that is false. She grew up in a house of pets other dogs and cats! What happened is that she bit one dog in front of our home because she wanted to play and the dog showed aggression signs immediately so lillie, the smaller dog felt scared and threatened. She used to go to the dog park and dog walks all the time and love it! With never an issue. Then after she bit that lady, she was put on restriction so we stopped bringing her.

It is sad that people at the town hall made a decision on a dog, they don't know AND did not serve us with a notice about the meeting they held. Which they lied and said that they did! It is not right.

Right now we are asking for help to get as many people to sign this petition to bring to court! Please please please help us!!!!


We won't stop fighting for Lillie's life and we greatly appreciate your support!❤❤

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