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Rufus is a friendly, one-year-old Beagle pup who has been sentenced to death by Orange County FL Animal Services because of an accident that occurred in the pup's home. His owners don't want him destroyed and we need your help because he could be put down any day now!

Rufus' family is doing everything in their power to stop him from being put down after he bit their four year old child. I'm a friend of Rufus' family and I know that Rufus is not at all an aggressive dog - he was just excited about his new food (he had never had wet dog food before) and their son startled the puppy from behind while Rufus's food was being prepared. But the county says that because the boy needed a few stitches, they have to kill Rufus and took the puppy from the family.

The child is not traumatized, the family loves the dog and wants him to live!

Letter to
Orange County Animal Services Orange County Florida
Rufus reacted as any dog might... He was not aggressive, nor has he ever shown any sign of aggression. He is a one year old puppy and was startled while his food was being prepared... a special dinner that he was so excited to receive. The child was also excited and startled the pup from behind. The child has no fear of his dog and just wants him to live. If you have any heart and soul, how are you able to just sentence him to death with no aggression testing or any other evidence that this dog is actually a danger? You say you do not look at provocation.... why? Isn't that part of a responsible investigation? You say you only look at the injury.... but what follow up did you do to determine how serious this injury actually ended up being? If the child is not traumatized, the family loves Rufus and wants him to live and come home, how are you so heartless that you require some higher authority to "authorize" you to let the family take their pup home? If you have the authority to take the pup, you have the authority to release him.

We beg you to release Rufus and allow him to live out his life in the home that shown him nothing but love. Please reconsider and allow Rufus to live out his life as the happy, sweet puppy he is!

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